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East Devon District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… to refresh the Action Plan every five years reflecting on the annual carbon reductions achieved and the practicality and affordability of the measures proposed. This way we might see four iterations of the Action Plan as move towards our carbon neutral ambition. The target date of 2040 for becoming carbon neutral is arbitrary and will be refined as we monitor progress on the actions. If feasible we…

… Locally aspiration that is still relevant today. The themes in the Action Plan where the Council can make meaningful climate change interventions include: (1) energy supply and consumption; (2) permitting and encouraging low carbon development; (3) improving the carbon footprint of existing buildings (public and private sector); (4) protecting and enhancing the natural environment; (5) water…

… the commercial and public sectors; • Introduce smart meters and energy storage solutions in East Devon; • Develop heat supply networks to deliver low carbon heat in East Devon; • Increase the amount of energy generated locally using renewable technologies. Low Carbon Development • Buildings in East Devon to be built to high standards of energy efficiency incorporating on-site renewable…

… the ambition of becoming carbon neutral as a council by 2040. We recognise that as the pace of climate change accelerates, adaptation measures become increasingly important to protect communities and ensure the local economy remains resilient. Furthermore, the council will consider critical local adaptation measures to be put in place. We will ensure that adaptation measures are incorporated…


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