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Cardiff Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… as a whole to achieve a 2030 Carbon Neutral target including Governance structures, Engagement and Behaviour Change and Direct Low Carbon Projects. We are working on large decarbonisation infrastructure projects to deliver renewable low carbon energy and heat, we are rolling out energy efficiency retrofit and low carbon new-build, implementing sweeping transport transformation and we’re preparing…

… skills partnerships to re- train and develop the skills to deliver the ambition and embed the principles and benefits of low carbon future in the school curriculum. Mission 3: A City of Villages The pandemic has brought to the fore the role of communities, local centres, our parks and the spaces on our doorstep. For the city this means there are opportunities to expand on those good things…

… on Scope 1 and 2 direct emissions from the combustion of fuel such as gas and oil and use of electricity. We have also developed a carbon assessment tool to help us understand and model the carbon saving potential of our existing projects and new proposals. Our methodology also considers the social and economic benefits of investment and effort. We have also recognised the need to continually…

… scenario and response planning with the aim of training all employees to be carbon literate and adjust behaviour accordingly, reaching around 14,000 city stakeholders in the process. Alongside the efforts to reduce Green House Gas emissions, we will need to adapt and we are already preparing. All flooding and sea level rise projects incorporate climate change at the beginning and as a key factor…


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