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Including the closely related terms become carbon, become carbon, and carbon saving.

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Sunderland City Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…-in-preparing-for-climate-change.pdf partner organisations as required. Its success relies on a collaborative effort from organisations and individuals to decide how they will change their own activities to help achieve the city’s shared ambition to become carbon neutral. Sunderland Low Carbon Framework December 2020 Page 4 Cllr Graeme Miller, Leader of Sunderland City Council said…

… member of the 2030 Shadow Board Partnership has committed to prepare their own Action Plan. Each partner’s Action Plan will set out their organisation’s/body’s commitment to the Framework, their targets and the actions they intend to take to achieve Sunderland’s ambitions to become carbon neutral. The Action Plan presents each partner’s view of how their organisation can achieve its…

…: Sunderland carbon emissions breakdown by source (in detail, per thousand tonnes) Sunderland Low Carbon Framework December 2020 Page 21 through carbon saving measures, or Sunderland could opt to forgo all of these remaining emissions in one go and cut emissions to zero at this point. The following figure…

… significant carbon savings to take place by purchasing goods with lower carbon footprints and altering our whole approach to consumption. Climate Resilience and Adaptation Climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme weather events. Local residents and businesses will increasingly be at risk from flooding, and those identified to be living in the most vulnerable parts of the city…


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