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Ribble Valley Borough Council

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… is. To help us work out our carbon footprint the working group applied for a £1500 grant from One Carbon World. One Carbon World is a delivery partner of the UN Climate Neutral Now scheme. It helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint by retiring carbon credits, supporting emission reduction and forestry projects that meet the highest standards, reducing carbon emissions and contributing…

… there are no full carbon offset units (Woodland Carbon Units) available. There are however, Pending Issuance Units (PIUs) which are in essence Carbon futures – certified and validated by a UK government process. 4.4 These are also in short supply, with very few, if any, within Lancashire. More resource is required to identifying sites and conduct the work to register the sites for carbon offset…

… the scheme for one year only at a cost of £15,000. 5 RISK ASSESSMENT 5.1 The approval of this report may have the following implications:  Resources - £15,000 to be funded from Business Rate Growth for year one of the Ribble Rivers Trust tree planting project and £1500 towards the One Carbon World Grant.  Technical, Environmental and Legal – None identified.  Political – None identified…

… to sustainable development. 3.7 Our grant application was successful and this, together with a contribution of £1500 paid by the Council, will provide:  A measurement of our carbon footprint (by phone consultation and data collection)  Data Validation and Calculation (carbon auditors will calculate our carbon footprint and this will be sent for independent external validation)  The One Carbon

World International Standard Report (they will produce a carbon footprint report detailing the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the activities measured of the organisation over the footprint period. The report will also provide recommendations for reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint of the organisation)  Compensating our unavoidable emissions (carbon credits, certificates…


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