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Lincolnshire County Council

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… Aiming to achieve a further 20% reduction in emissions by 2023   Reduced our footprint by 14,504 tonnes of carbon and reduced related costs by £9.4 million Cumulative carbon savings over the past 5 years have reached 37,010 tonnes of carbon Looking ahead to CMP 3, which sets out our strategy and action plan for continuing to reduce carbon emissions over the next 5 years 2 Why…

… increase from £10.7m to £14.2m by 2023 – an increase of approx. £3.5m. Achieving a 20% reduction in carbon emissions over the whole five years could result in cumulative savings of £12.4m (as shown by hatched area). Estimates include a prediction of energy/resource price inflation of 4% annually, hence even in a 20% reduction scenario, overall prices increase. 7 Planned carbon saving projects…

… to raise awareness of the carbon implications of their behaviour. A project to communicate to staff and the public messages about environmental matters including carbon savings is planned. Data management We will continue to ensure that the data, figures, and assumptions that are used throughout the carbon management plan are robust. Ensuring the data being used is effective, forms a critical part…


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