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Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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… either direct actions or awareness-raising actions. These actions are guided by the following three main aims: 1. Reduce emissions  Reduce pollution: physical measures and requirements to lower Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions.  Reduce greenhouse gases: physical measures to reduce greenhouse gases – mainly carbon dioxide (CO2)– which contribute to climate…

… Directly Reduce CO2 C Increase Resilience R Lead by Example L Key 2: A ‘+’ sign illustrates that the action has an impact, either direct or indirect, on reducing emissions of NO2, PM or CO2. In the example below, the action has an impact on all three types of emission. Action NO2 PM CO2 Encourage cycling as a non-polluting mode of transport and combat obesity + + + Key 3…

… to the remaining 11 schools to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency. + + CC Reductions of 75 tonnes of CO2 and 55.6kg of NO2 Dec-21 10 P C L Make sure that boilers in schools are set up and controlled to better adapt heating to each Deliver heating health check projects to a large number of schools. + + CC Reductions of 185 tonnes of CO2 and 137kg of NO2…

… Target/ measure Deadline 33 B R C Support local community centres, organisations and businesses to reduce carbon emissions. Offer environmental advice and sources of technical and funding information to local businesses, community centres and large organisations on how to improve energy efficiency of their buildings and operations. + CC Number groups engaged and CO2…

… Commitments IV. Local CO2 Emissions and Air Quality Monitoring Results V. Health Impacts of Air Pollution and Climate Change VI. Emission Sources A. Homes and Buildings: Energy Efficiency B. Homes and Buildings: Clean Air Act and Smoke Control Areas C. Transport: Diesel Engine Cars and Their Exhaust Emissions D. Construction Sites: Control of Emissions and Dust Nuisance E. Industrial


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