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Braintree District Council

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… wide sources of Carbon Dioxide emissions (KT CO2) The Government produces area based CO2 emissions measured in Kilo Tonnes (Kt). This pie chart and graph show that in the Braintree District, in order to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030, there would need to be a reduction of 576Kt of CO2. Please see breakdown below. Progress on reducing carbon emissions and adapting to climate…

… change Industry and Commercial Residential Transport Agriculture 105Kt 317Kt 142Kt12Kt 360 270 180 90 0 2006 Transport Total Domestic Total Industry and Commercial Total 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 20182005 Levels of carbon dioxide emissions in our District (KT CO2) since 2005 As part of the previous Climate Change Strategy and emission reduction

… to mitigate the impacts of climate change across the District and reduce carbon emissions. Some of these achievements of this are set out below. Energy Conservation • Installed 8,700 energy saving measures including boilers, domestic solar installations, cavity wall and loft installation resulting in 1,000 tonnes of carbon saved. • 14,689 residents registered for energy switching…

… as well as ensuring that as much of that energy as possible is derived from renewable sources. Heating buildings and hot water currently accounts for nearly 25% of District wide carbon emissions. At least 65% of this heat is supplied by gas, 25% from oil and about 10% from electricity (including storage heating). Since 2005 Braintree District Council has halved its own carbon emissions from…

… Strategy who release local authority wide carbon emissions data (there is always a two-year lag in the publication of each year’s data e.g. 2020 data will not be published until 2022). Therefore this strategy will require other outcome and output measures to monitor the success of interventions to determine which actions offer best value for money and provide the widest co- benefits in a timely…


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