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Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… and Omagh District Council’s Climate Change and Sustainable Development Action Plan from 2021 - 2024. It describes why we need to act now, how we are going to achieve the outcomes of our Climate Change and Sustainable Development Strategy and our rigorous approach for the first three years. Energy efficient buildings and local zero carbon energy generation will reduce carbon dioxide emissions

…, fuel poverty and improve air quality Sustainable drainage helps reduce flooding and improves water quality Trees provide shade, absorb carbon dioxide and help cool the public realm More walking and cycling, and fewer diesel and petrol vehicles on the roads, helps to reduce traffic noise, improve air quality and reduce carbon dioxide emissions Zero carbon businesses create…

… or remove at least 1,614 Kt CO2 to support the overarching UK goal of net zero by 2050. Methane and other greenhouse gas emissions will be added to this baseline when the data becomes available. 28.8% decrease Fermanagh and Omagh CO₂ emissions have decreased by 28.8% in the period 2005 to 2019 13.7t of CO2 Per capita carbon dioxide emissions in Fermanagh and Omagh (2019 figures) 1,614 Kt…

…. #Increased availability of supplier carbon emission data for analysis. Outcome 5.1: Homes and communities are energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, and fuel poverty is minimised Outcome 6.2: The Council is environmentally responsible in the procurement, use and disposal of resources. Outcome 6.1: The Council’s carbon emissions are managed and reduced. 20 21Energy & Buildings…

…. • Ensuring Council’s strategies, plans and policies support communities to live more sustainably, reduce carbon emissions and adapt to a changing climate. • Making sure local communities are supported in taking action to be more environmentally responsible. 2 Become a sustainable Council by... • Managing and reducing our carbon emissions. • Becoming environmentally responsible…


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