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Buckinghamshire Council

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… the Council will do The council has direct control over emissions from its operations but has less influence elsewhere (e.g. from homes and businesses). In shaping our response, we recognise the different roles we must therefore take on to reduce emissions across Buckinghamshire. 1 Data gathered during the carbon audit covered emissions back to 2009 – we have assumed that energy usage (i.e…

… of the council and from across Buckinghamshire, including emission reductions from buildings, waste, transportation and purchased goods and services. Our key actions to reduce carbon emissions are to: • plant over 500,000 trees in Buckinghamshire. • generate more renewable energy and improve energy efficiency. • reduce emissions from our vehicles. • improve infrastructure for active travel…

…, potentially as early as 2030 • to improve air quality across Buckinghamshire What the Council has already achieved The council has existed in its current form since April 2020. Work undertaken by 5 predecessor councils has reduced carbon emissions from 15,117 tonnes per year in 2009 to 8,983 in 2018. We have reduced our carbon emissions by over 6,000 tonnes a year between 2009 and 2018. We have…

… levels. Compared to our estimated 1990 carbon emissions, we will: • reduce our carbon emissions by at least 75% by 2030 • reduce our carbon emissions by at least 90% by 2040 • reach net zero carbon emissions no later than 2050 The UK’s national target is to reach net zero carbon emission by 2050 with an interim target of achieving a 68% reduction by 2030, based on 1990 emission levels

…. To make our carbon reduction targets comparable, we have also used 1990 as the year to base or reduction targets on. To do this, it is necessary to estimate our emissions for 1990 as we do not have emissions data from this year1. Compared to our 2018/19 baseline, our emissions reductions targets are to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve an 80% reduction by 2040. What…


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