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Ashford Borough Council

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… to Zero Plan XX Ashford to Zero Plan Our route to net zero carbon emissions Consultation draft 2021 03 Contents Foreword Climate change, caused by increased greenhouse gas emissions, is having a devastating impact on our planet. Without decisive action to reduce emissions, we are likely to experience an increase in damaging weather events and accelerated loss of habitats…

… plays a part in ensuring the future health of our planet and therefore ourselves, by living more sustainably. Our consultation process will culminate in an action plan for the borough and be presented together with our strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The commitment and determination we show now, to achieve carbon neutrality, will shape the future for generations to come…

… taxis are low emission vehicles. The green taxi scheme incentivises the uptake of low emission vehicles offering three years ‘free’ licensing for low emission vehicles. 18 3.5 Priority 5 - Enable business growth while maximising opportunities to reduce carbon emissions The ‘greening’ of industrial and commercial businesses in the borough are crucial to reducing borough wide carbon emissions

Carbon neutrality means having a balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere in carbon sinks. Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then storing it is known as carbon sequestration. In order to achieve net zero emissions, all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions will have to be counterbalanced by carbon sequestration. Carbon Offsetting The balancing…

… as possible, reaching net zero by 2050. In 2018 the borough’s total carbon emissions was 598.6 ktCO2 (BEIS Data). The pie chart below shows how different sectors make up this total. 70.2 ktCO2 is absorbed by land use such as forests, cropland and grassland, This action plan has eight priorities: Priority 1: Raise awareness of climate change and increase understanding and knowledge Priority 2…


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