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East Staffordshire Borough Council

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… warming. 2.2. In June 2019, a new statutory target for net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050 was introduced to end the UK’s contribution to global emissions. This, along with a government motion to declare a Climate Change Emergency in May 2019 has resulted in over 200 Local Authorities declaring a Climate Emergency with targets to become carbon neutral. 2.3. The current performance…

… a more sustainable future. 5. Glossary of terms Carbon Neutrality/ Net Zero – Carbon neutrality, or having a net zero carbon footprint, refers to achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal. It is known as a net zero target because some emissions can remain if they are offset (i.e. by removal from the atmosphere and/or by trading in carbon

… units). Carbon Offsetting- is the process of balancing carbon released into the atmosphere with carbon removed from the atmosphere. To achieve carbon neutrality through the balancing of carbon emissions, efforts must be made to create or contribute towards carbon removal schemes. CO2 emissions total per capita - This is a measure of estimated carbon dioxide emissions per head of population…

… action now to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions as if we delay acting on emissions, it will only mean more radical intervention in the future at greater cost, and larger impacts on society. Taking action now can also help to achieve long-term, sustainable economic growth from a low-carbon economy. 6.4.4. East Staffordshire Borough Council is in a key position to take action on climate…

Emissions for the Council are currently unknown- Baseline Carbon Auditing is identified within the plan to be undertaken by 2021 which will provide a clear view on how much we need to reduce our emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.  The investment in electric vehicles is an action that will have a significant reduction in Carbon Emissions; however, this type of technology and infrastructure…


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