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Wokingham Borough Council

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… Foreword Introduction The Changing Landscape Overview and Scrutiny A Year in Numbers Current Emissions Profile Targets and Estimated Carbon Savings Wokingham Borough Council’s Carbon Footprint as an Organisation Climate Emergency Action Plan Appendix 1. Data Sources Appendix 2. Glossary Appendix 3. Sustainable Development Goals Appendix 4. Carbon Accounting Methodology &…

… that only 21% of all greenhouse gas emissions are from direct sources and therefore within our scope of influence. Only direct emissions can be categorised as savings against Wokingham Borough’s carbon footprint, as defined above. This also ensures less risk of double counting of carbon savings from other sections of the action plane whilst recognising that behaviour change encouraged through…

…%). Residential Buildings emissions are the greatest single contributor to Wokingham’s carbon footprint accounting for 258.2 ktCO2. Of these, 71.47 ktCO2 1 UK local authority and regional carbon dioxide emissions national statistics: 2005-2017 account for domestic electricity, 177.23 ktCO2 for domestic gas usage and 10.17 ktCO2 for usage of other fuels. Transport emissions contribute to 182 ktCO2…

… 2012 2014 2016 2018 2020 2022 2024 2026 2028 2030 2032 K tC O 2e Year Wokingham Carbon Emissions 2030 Scenario (557 ktCO2e 2019) WBC Carbon footprint 2018 BAU Emissions Target Emissions Wokingham Borough Council - Climate Emergency Action Plan - Working Document Page | 12 Targets and Estimated Carbon Savings This action plan establishes targets to achieve carbon

… in the three AQ management areas by 2025 Neutral 11 Educate the public on how they can actively improve air quality whilst reducing carbon emissions Neutral Estimated Total Carbon Savings 103,623.37 The above figures are best estimates. RE Renewable Energy Generation in Council's owned assets tCO2 12 Increase the generation of renewable energy through investment in solar farms…


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