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North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council

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… from economic development plans to local biodiversity offsetting opportunities. Since the completion of the North Tyneside Climate Emergency Action Plan in 2020, national Government has developed and published the following key policy documents to create milestones to the 2050 target. There are also notable and influential reports from the National Audit Office and the Climate Change…

… Act 2021 November 2021 The Act provides a new domestic framework for environmental governance and makes provision on environmental policy areas, including waste, air quality, water, nature and biodiversity, and conservation covenants. It establishes an Office for Environmental Protection (OEP), which will have scrutiny and enforcement functions. It also makes provision for the setting of long…

…-term environmental targets for air quality, water, biodiversity and resource efficiency and waste reduction. 8. Climate Change Risk Assessment January 2022 As required by the Climate Change Act 2008, the UK government has undertaken the third five-year assessment of the risks of climate change on the UK. This presented strong evidence that even under low warming scenarios the UK…

… climate action in the UK, and should be supported to do so. North Tyneside Council has considered the following over-arching priorities and are confident that action is taking place to satisfy the challenges: • Develop Net Zero or Climate Action Plans with delivery projects that prepare the area to make the transition to net zero choices from 2030, and align with climate adaptation, biodiversity

net gain and other key local strategies. Include immediate actions that kick-start delivery now and that support low-carbon and green skills and jobs. • Monitor and report on progress in reducing emissions to local communities and government. Where possible share standardised data, benchmark and provide clear evidence to inform policy. • Conduct policy and service reviews to align policy…


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