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London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

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…. Ongoing Environmental health 12 Ecology Theme 1: Biodiversity Objective: 1. Understand the borough’s ecosystems and communicate their value. Actions Ref Action When Wider benefits ECO1.1 Carry out a biodiversity (species & habitats) baseline to understand and measure our progress. 2021 - ECO1.2 Regularly measure and publicise activity to improve…

… to plant biodiversity-friendly species, such as distributing seeds and bulbs. 2022 Education ECO2.12 Promote and develop greening resources for residents to encourage greater biodiversity and ‘green the grey’ in private spaces. 2022 Adaptation; Education ECO2.13 Support private and council tenants and leaseholders with individual gardens to maintain these and support biodiversity

… requirements to ensure that the maximum biodiversity net gain (BNG) is achieved from new developments. 2026 Air quality ECO1.6 Explore interim and long-term sites for an ecology centre. 2026 Education; Green Economy Theme 2: Green and blue spaces Objectives: 1. Improve and manage our public green spaces for people, nature and the climate. 2. Celebrate biodiversity, and encourage people…

… to foster nature through their private and community spaces. Actions Ref Action When Wider benefits ECO2.1 Protect existing habitat and increase targeted habitat to support biodiversity recovery in open spaces. - Ensure at least 10% of each open space is long grass or similarly “wild” habitat. (Biodiversity Commission rec.18) 2026 Air quality ECO2.2 Ensure our work within parks…

… conservation (Ecology Officer) 2021 - ECO2.4 Implement Parks Management Plans and practices that continue to enhance biodiversity (BC Recommendation 21 – enshrine good practices & 27 – GM contract retendering). - Retain standing dead wood as habitat: only remove trees when a significant safety risk (CEEC Recommendation 62) - Reuse of organic waste such as wood chip on-site - SuDS and de…


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