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Sheffield City Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… opportunities to increase biodiversity and potentially reduce emissions. • Assess the potential to increase the number of trees planted on council land. • Identify opportunities for solar PV retrofit on our buildings and homes and renewable energy generation and storage on our land. • Extend the district heat networks to provide heat to council buildings and homes. 3. Decarbonising our fleet…

…, organisations and technologies that we are used to are not designed for the future that we need to make. To succeed and to create opportunities to make our mark on the future, we will need to learn and experiment. Nature focused We are not only in a climate emergency, but an ecological and nature crisis. The two crises are interrelated and the solutions for each can benefit the other…

… and cyclists, as well as businesses and residents in the areas around Kelham and Riverside and provides sustainable urban drainage as well as flood resistant planting for biodiversity. Heart of the City Ensuring viability of developments is an ongoing challenge in a city where prices of property and office space are relatively low in comparison with many places in the UK…

… transport and industry we can improve air quality and so improve health and reduce the number of deaths associated with poor air quality. • Increased numbers of people to travel by walking and cycling (including increasing access to electric bikes to tackle our hills and make cycling an option for more people) increases fitness and health for our people. • By acting we can reduce biodiversity

loss and help mitigate the consequences of food shortages and the impacts this will have on our health and food security. • By taking action to mitigate and adapt to climate change we will reduce the risk of harm to people e.g. from extreme weather such as flooding and heatwaves. Economy and development • By creating a more sustainable economy we will support our city and its businesses…


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