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Angus Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… also recognises the importance of working together with neighbouring authorities to deliver the best outcomes for the community. The Tayside Local Biodiversity Action Plan 2016- 202621, charts the way ahead in protecting the unique flora and fauna of the county, as well as their individual habitats, bringing together organisations, communities and individuals across Tayside. The TAYPlan Strategic…

… 12 Urban…

… such as the Tayside Local Biodiversity Action Plan 2016-26 and Active Travel Strategy will offer important guidance in specific areas. • Think global, act local – Climate change is a global challenge that affects everyone, everywhere. Underpinning all meaningful climate action is the recognition that citizens of a particular region are also citizens of the world. Climate actions can often have local…

… way, ensuring that the benefits can be enjoyed by every member of society without unfairly disadvantaging those who are most vulnerable. In order to maximise benefits, and ensure its successful delivery, 18 Angus Community Plan 2017-2030. Available here. 19 Angus Local Development Plan 2016. Available here. 20 Angus Council Plan 2019-2024. Available here. 21 Tayside Local Biodiversity

Action Plan 2016-2026. Available here. 22 TAYPlan Strategic Development Plan. Available here. 23 Tay Cities Region Economic Strategy. Available here.…


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