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Buckinghamshire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… from plant- based (green) measures as well, such as: improving biodiversity, food production (e.g. fruit trees, and roof allotments), improving stormwater quality, and being a barrier to noise and electro-magnetic radiation. Another example of a mitigation and adaptation measure would be implementing systems that store rainwater, such as household water butts. The stored water can be used…

… Buckinghamshire the best place to live, raise a family, work and do business. They negatively affect human and ecological health, the economy and the built environment. Every area of our lives, including the services provided by the council, are affected by these issues. But all of us have the capacity to address them and make changes to reduce our emissions to air. We recognise the role we play…

…. Major sources of pollutants affecting local air quality (e.g. transport) are also main sources of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Buckinghamshire. GHGs trap radiation from the Sun causing our planet to warm. As levels of GHGs (or carbon emissions) increase, the Earth gets hotter – our climate changes. The effects of climate change on weather, biodiversity, food and water supplies, economy and health…

… occurred since 2002. The warming of our planet is: increasing the rate at which polar and glacier ice is melting, causing more extreme weather events and a rise in sea levels, and negatively affecting biodiversity. 95% of respondents to the engagement survey reported that they were concerned about climate change and 79% stated that they are more concerned about it than they were 2 years ago…


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