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Ashford Borough Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

ecological, social and economic benefits are realised holistically 1. Tree numbers and species information 2. % increase in area (m2) managed for wildlife / biodiversity 3. Number of trees planted 4. Number of trees felled 5. Total C02 sequestered Proactively manage ABC tree stock, which will inform future tree management and maintenance programmes Understanding of tree numbers, species

… and objectives for the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of parcels of land in a given locality Enhanced biodiversity of open spaces in the borough increasing key species. Land management plans will support the balance of appropriate wildlife habitat and biodiversity within amenity spaces and urban areas ensuring that maintenance regimes are appropriate to the character of the land and ensure…

… environment. Good habitat management can help store carbon and poor habitat management can result in carbon being released. Priority 7: Protect, enhance and increase green space for the benefit of people and wildlife Objective Actions Outcomes Measures 7.1 Improve biodiversity on council owned land Develop and implement land management plans for council owned land which provide specific vision, aims…

… encourages local food production and purchase with a reduction in food miles 1. Downloads of community gardens guidance 2. Number of community gardens created 7.3 Reduce environmental degradation through land management and habitat creation Explore the creation of wildlife habitats in the borough Improvement in river water quality Increase in biodiversity 1. Number of key species 2. Level…

… adaptations are in place to cope with, and build resilience against, increased drought, flooding and heatwaves, and new designs account for these from the beginning. 5. Biodiversity is protected, restored and created; nature-based solutions are considered first and invested in at every opportunity. This means species are protected and, where threatened, are recovered; existing habitats and greenspaces…


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