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London Borough of Southwark

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… emergency that must be tackled. Climate change directly impacts the world’s species and ecosystems, driving biodiversity loss on a considerable scale. The scale of the challenge is vast. Our most recent analysis, consistent with up-to- date carbon accounting standards, indicates that in 2017 Southwark’s emissions were 1,288kt CO2e. We are using this as our baseline for this strategy. The council…

…. Even if we were to stop the emission of all greenhouse gases immediately, the warming of the planet would continue for at least several more decades. However, the IPCC also found that it is possible to keep temperature rise to less than 1.5°C if urgent and wide-ranging action is taken by governments and people. It is also clear that as well as a climate crisis, there is also an ecological

… America, with crop yields and production predicted to fall because of higher temperatures. Even if we stopped releasing greenhouse gases immediately, some estimates show that global heating would continue for at least another 70 years. If things do not change, it will affect our world in dramatic ways. We could see more extreme weather, rising sea levels, ecological damage, more people dying from…

… around the world and so are often connected to people globally who are impacted by food, water shortages, extreme weather events and forced migration. Food shortages and conflict force people to leave their homes and make often dangerous journeys in search of security. Climate change and ecological damage will increase this forced migration. Southwark will always be a welcoming place to those…

… charges to discourage the most polluting vehicles. - Protect and enhance Southwark's biodiversity and make nature accessible for all. - Boost access to cycle hire. - Campaign to extend the Bakerloo Line to Old Kent Road and introduce an active travel plan for the area. - Work with the Mayor of London to improve cycling infrastructure in Rotherhithe and campaign for a river crossing…


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