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North Lanarkshire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

change, biodiversity loss, pollution, resource depletion and waste – to safeguard the wellbeing and prosperity of people around the globe, and the natural world we belong to. Current patterns of consumption and production are simply not sustainable. If everyone in the world lived as we currently do in Scotland, it would require the resources of more than three planets. We need to adapt to prosper…

… Plan The Biodiversity Action Plan details the actions required across North Lanarkshire to safeguard vulnerable species and protect and enhance key habitats at an ecosystem scale. 6 Environment Strategy 2019 7 Strategies and Plans Carbon Management Plan Climate Change is the most significant issue facing our planet. The Carbon Management Plan (CMP) details the council’s climate actions…

… is estimated to be around £16 billion. The council is committed to reducing the exposure of people in North Lanarkshire to poor air quality in order to improve health. The Air Quality Action Plan has been produced as part of our statutory duties required by the Local Air Quality Management framework. It outlines the action we will take to improve air quality in North Lanarkshire. Biodiversity Action

… and Access Strategy Joanne Glennie Yes No September 2019 5 Years Air Quality Strategy Mark Findlay Yes Yes N/A 3 Years Biodiversity Action Plan Laura McCrorie Yes Yes N/A 3 Years Contaminated Land Strategy Mark Findlay Yes Yes N/A 5 Years Core Paths Plan Hayley Andrew Yes Yes April 2020 Food Growing Strategy Hayley Andrew Yes No April 2020 Local Transport Strategy Joanne Glennie Yes Yes…

…. Our biodiversity is protected and enhanced, supporting healthy ecosystems. 4. Our air, freshwater, seas and soils are of excellent quality. 5. Everyone can access, enjoy and connect with nature. 6. The global footprint of our consumption and production is sustainable. It is important therefore that the local ambitions of the council reflect these national ambitions where appropriate. 1.3 Local…


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