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London Borough of Hillingdon

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…. Wetter autumns and winters will also reduce productivity by disrupting the timing of farm management activities, and by causing increased flooding in low-lying agricultural areas. Valuable ecosystem services such as biodiversity and pollination provided by well-managed agricultural land are also threatened by the impact of climate change on water resources. Environment Agency: State…

… for invasive species and increase the risk of them spreading diseases. Native disease vectors such as ticks and mosquitos may also increase in numbers or geographical range as temperature and moisture levels change. For example, hot, dry weather can lead to increased areas of stagnant water, which would be likely to increase the spread of mosquito-borne diseases, should they be introduced. Land-use…

…. We have many parks and open spaces that provide the perfect opportunity for increased tree planting and biodiversity improvements. 6. How this Plan works This Strategic Plan is the just the start. We want all our services to adopt climate responsible operations and we have adopted an approach that puts the responsibility on the individual services to identify and deliver…


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