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London Borough of Southwark

Direct link to pre-plan (PDF)

…  Exploring energy opportunities  Improving biodiversity and green space  Reducing the impact of the council’s own activities. 38. Getting organised: Although the council itself only has direct control over a small percentage of the emissions in the borough, it can play a vital role in leading, organising, inspiring, coordinating and enabling change across the borough to make Southwark carbon neutral…

… of the change required is not within the Council’s direct control, but we will initially be focusing our activity within these areas:  Housing and new homes  Public realm and adaptation  Planning and regulation  Social Regeneration and development  Waste minimisation and plastics 9  Transport  Energy and facilities  Businesses, employment and investment  Green space and biodiversityData

… quality Southwark Nature Action Plan (SNAP)  7 Local Nature Reserves (LNR’s) totalling 50.93ha.  Supporting biodiversity across the borough  Community involvement  Ongoing consultation  Protection and development Tree Management Strategy  Well-managed and healthy trees  Maximising benefits of canopy cover  Improving air quality  Long-term management and carbon reduction  Developing tree…

… will approach housing, planning, energy, transport, biodiversity, waste and many other issues. Crucially, it will also ensure that the council does all it can to engage, consult and empower our local communities in the process. The challenge we face through the Climate Emergency is massive, but the commitment of the council to pursue this strategy will enable us to meet it. RECOMMENDATIONS 1…

… to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. A global emergency 4. The global challenge that climate change represents is unprecedented. 5. The warming climate due to human activity and emissions has led to rapid loss of biodiversity and damage to delicate ecosystems that threatens and impacts all life on Earth. This crisis is not something that any of us are insulated from, and the impact of climate…


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