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Malvern Hills District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… needed to prompt hibernation preparation. We may see a disconnect between food availability and breeding seasons, eg caterpillars appearing before young birds have hatched, threatening bird populations. Changes in rainfall patterns may impact on species-rich grassland growth and distribution which, as well as impacting on biodiversity, will affect efforts to use natural habitats to capture…

… of the typical habitats of our district have immense value beyond their ability to capture and store carbon, with traditional orchards, species-rich meadows, reed beds, fens and marshes, heathlands and ancient woodlands all contributing to the rich biodiversity and landscape character that makes our district so special. Worcestershire County Council, together with partners including Malvern Hills…

… as the impact on human life, there are serious implications for wildlife. These include water stress due to hotter summers which may lead to further declines in water quality. This will impact on freshwater species and habitats. We may lose trees due to severe drought or waterlogging and warmer winters could threaten hedgehog and bat populations, as they may no longer receive the temperature triggers…

… of the other impacts of climate change, such as flash flooding, drought, etc. However, much of the potential of these systems has been disrupted by human activity. As part of our plan, we have an opportunity to repair some of this damage. Protecting, maintaining, expanding and connecting the district’s existing high quality habitats will create a resilient network of biodiverse sites. Many…


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