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Leeds City Council

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…, influencing the speed at which society switches to zero carbon both through consumer choice and support for political action. The council cannot impose this change but can help to provide people with better information through which to make their choices.  The city wide proposals are broken down into the following areas: transport; housing; industry; consumption and food; waste energy; biodiversity

… are set to bring forward millions of trees in the next thirty years. A further report will be brought to the Executive Board in the summer regarding the council’s contribution to the Northern Forest. The council also has a specific programme to develop green spaces in the city centre as it becomes a major residential centre, shifting its emphasis towards encouraging biodiversity

….  The council will also seek to ensure through Planning that all new housing developments support biodiversity. Education, awareness and behavioural change 7  The changes required to rapidly achieve carbon neutrality will have a profound impact upon all of us. In the medium term it is possible that technological innovation may adequately substitute for some carbon intensive activity…

…’ with the statement. 3.1.5 There is considerable worry about the effects of climate change. More than nine out of ten residents agreeing they are worried about wildlife loss (97.3%), biodiversity loss (96.3%), and the frequency of extreme weather events in the future (93.3%). In particular, four out of five respondents strongly agree that they are worried about the effects of climate change on future…

… Additionally, almost all respondents believe that public sector organisations (96.8%) and businesses (96.7%) have a responsibility to reduce their own carbon footprint and make it easier for individuals to make more environmentally-friendly choices. 3.1.14 The council proposed 11 ‘big ideas’ to reduce the city’s carbon emissions and support biodiversity as part of the long questionnaire. Significantly…


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