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Including the closely related terms air pollution, and improved air quality.

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North Somerset Council

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… or extra benefit we receive when addressing an issue or concern. One example might be an initiative to increase cycling in a particular community, with a primary objective of reducing carbon emissions from transport locally. However, this initiative will also deliver the co-benefit of improved physical and mental health for residents through increased physical activity and improved air quality

…. For example: ● improve the air quality – currently 36,000 people die each year in the UK due to air pollution-related effects ● get people active – physical activity can improve mental as well as physical health ● keep people warm in their homes ● improve people’s diets – reducing consumption of red meat and dairy. Equity and social cohesion There are a number of climate actions which can…

…. Over time, this will also result in fewer NHS interventions, saving money. Another example would be planting trees within town centres, which can lock in carbon dioxide, enhance biodiversity, improve people’s well-being, reduce air pollution, reduce temperatures, and reduce the risk of flooding. With often limited budgets, it is helpful to be able to prioritise actions which tackle…

… help tackle inequalities and bring our communities together at the same time. For example: ● reduce the risk of fuel poverty in low income and deprived households ● improve the mobility of residents – particularly in more deprived areas ● improve access to green spaces or air quality in more deprived areas ● deliver access to skills, training and jobs. Economic opportunities Some…

… Co-benefits ● Resilience and adaptation – renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements protect against rising energy prices ● Health – flexible working promotes good work/life balance. Cycle to work improves mental and physical health and reduces air pollution


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