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Including the closely related terms improve air quality, and air pollution.

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Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

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… emissions by 40 per cent by 2020, the Council will have saved more than £8 million since 2008. At the moment the damage being done to Londoners’ health by air pollution is costing the NHS an estimated £2 billion every year [1] This alone makes it financially worthwhile to improve air quality. [1] Mayor of London’s Air Quality Strategy, 2010. 2. Introduction RBKC Air

… initiatives to improve outdoor air quality Identify local needs, including smoke-free areas and air pollution abatement through Healthy Parks/Playgrounds initiative. + + PH All parks and playgrounds assessed Dec-20 4 H B Promote initiatives to reduce smoking at home Ensure Smoke Free Homes initiative is promoted through the NHS Stop Smoking Service. + PH Promotion part…

… RBKC Air Quality and Climate Change Action Plan 2016–2021 V2 1 | P a g e The artwork on the front cover is by Ruping from Holy Trinity School. RBKC Air Quality and Climate Change Action Plan 2016–2021 V2 2 | P a g e FOREWORD Air pollution and climate change remain two of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century which have a significant impact…

… tools and infrastructure while also raising awareness and influencing behaviour change. The Action Plan also lists individual measures to either reduce pollution or mitigate their effects; these measures are updated annually demonstrating that the Council is determined to improve air quality and public health and to safeguard our environment over the longer term. We are all facing…

…%2025(finaldraft)%20woappendices.docx#_Toc424805325 RBKC Air Quality and Climate Change Action Plan 2016–2021 V2 4 | P a g e There is an increasing recognition that the problems caused by air pollution and climate change need to be treated together, not least because the emissions that pollute our air and warm our planet originate from common sources such as vehicles…


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