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Surrey County Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

…, buildings and infrastructure, businesses, agriculture, and our natural environment. Reap the wider benefits Tackling Climate Change is about changing things for the better and will result in; reducing fuel bills through better quality housing, reducing harmful air pollution by reducing the amount motor vehicles and gas boilers, creating local sustainable high streets and jobs, improving…

…. Greener Futures Climate Change Delivery Plan (2021-2025) | 42 20 minute neighbourhoods A highstreet where residents have easy access to facilities such as schools, shops, restaurants, play areas and medical facilities. By having facilities no more than 20 minute walk away, we can reduce our reliance on cars and reduce our carbon emissions. Air pollution Gases and particles in the air which…

… cause harm to human health or the environment. Man-made air pollution is mainly caused by dust and oxides of sulphur or nitrogen from vehicle exhaust fumes, gas cooking, gas heating and factory emissions. Biodiversity The variety of plant and animal species in the world, or in a particular habitat. A wide variety of plants and animals allows natural spaces to be healthy and also supports…


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