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Including the closely related term air pollution.

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South Gloucestershire Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

…. Improved health includes better levels of fitness from people leading more active lifestyles and reduced numbers of people experiencing breathing problems due to reductions in air pollution from vehicles and industry. Better mental health and wellbeing is a proven result of access to a healthy natural local environment for exercise and connection with nature. Nature recovery includes: y…

…: y Giving equal consideration to carbon emissions reduction, preparing for the local effects of climate change and supporting nature to recover; y Considering climate justice and ensure that no-one is left behind; y Optimising health and well-being co-benefits, and ensure that health inequalities are not widened; y Ensuring that the plan aligns with local efforts to improve air

… council officers from across the council who are responsible for making sure that plans to tackle air quality and climate change have the best outcomes for both issues. They are also responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Climate Emergency Action Plans. The Carbon Management Group are a group of key council officers who work to reduce the council’s own carbon emissions from the buildings…

quality; y Addressing the ecological emergency and nature recovery, and consider any ecological and wildlife implications; y Taking account of the value of the natural world in terms of wider co-benefits – social, health and environmental value (not just financial); y Making sure the use of environmental resources is minimised and the most sustainable action is taken; and y Optimising…


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