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Dover District Council

Direct link to climate strategy (PDF)

… dramatic changes to our collective behaviour, resulting in reduction in emissions and improvements in air quality. In the context of the overall picture these benefits are relatively minimal but it’s crucial that the impetus is not lost. It’s important that the gains made are not lost in the recovery from Covid-19 lockdown. Indeed, any attempt to restart the economy in a “business as usual…

… that are carried by the different departments of the Council :- • Assets & Estate • Housing • Governance • Procurement • Natural Environment • Waste • Air Quality • Local Development Plan • Transport Corporate Plan Climate Change Strategy Service Action Plan Monitor Service Action Plan Monitor Service Action Plan Monitor Service Action Plan Monitor Service Action Plan Monitor…

… avoidable plastic waste. Clean Air Strategy 2019 Outlines how the Government intends to tackle all forms of air pollution to ensure cleaner air to breathe and protecting nature whilst boosting the economy. State of Nature Report 2019 This Report pools the best available data on the UK’s biodiversity, with a focus on the trends in species as the key evidence of how nature is faring. In addition…

…/Parking/Documents--Policies/Home.aspx Monitoring.aspx Open-Space-Strategy.pdf…


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