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Thanet District Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… 2013 Works already completed / Statutory Subsistence Fees for ongoing annual inspections Bereave ment Services Manager Environm ental Health Officer Margate Crematoriu m Defra Local Business Residents Planning Policy Urban Air Quality Management Area designated by TDC Technical Planning Guidance - Emissions Mitigation Implement a Strategic…

… officer Other departments involved External stakeholders 7/38 Thanet District Council – Climate Change Action Plan 1 & 2 anned/Pro posed budgeted/ external funding achieved or identified/ funding required? Air Quality / Pollution Air

Quality Action Plan measures to reduce NOx emissions, alongside CO2 and other pollutants. Feed into Kent Low Emissions Strategy. Latest report: https://www.tha content/upload s/2018/03/Than et-ASR-2019-fi nal.pdf Latest levels: http://www.kent Annual Reports to Defra Please see: https://ww w.thanet.g pages/air- quality/ Annual ASR Already…

…/uploads/2018/03/Thanet-ASR-2019-final.pdf https…

…:// https…


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