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Including the closely related term air pollution.

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Wyre Council

Direct link to action plan (PDF)

… and economic damage as we struggle to cope with the effects of extreme weather on our homes and vital infrastructure (buildings, roads and power supplies), rising food costs and shortages from crop failures at home and abroad, water shortages during droughts, high heating bills, poor air quality and more climate-refugees as places become unsafe to live. - Unfairly, the biggest impacts are being…

…. 17 Social costs The impacts of climate change will also have immense social costs, as it affects our homes, health, education and employment. Cold and heat- related illnesses, increased risk of disease, water scarcity and health conditions from air pollution will put greater strains on public services including the National Health Service. In addition to our physical health…

… Changing the way we travel - by switching to cleaner and safer travelling options. - Creation of jobs to support this transition - Cleaner air quality - Quieter, safer streets - More active, outdoor lifestyles - Fitter, healthier residents - Improved mental wellbeing - Less demand on healthcare services 24 Wyre’s potential Whilst Wyre faces monumental challenges from…


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