Net Zero Action Plan (NZAP)

Net Zero Action Plan (NZAP)

Achieving ‘net zero’ carbon emissions means the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted is balanced out (or offset) by the carbon that is removed from the atmosphere.

Our bold NZAP sets out what needs to be done to meet the borough’s 2041 net zero target (this is in line with the target set for the wider region by the West Midlands Combined Authority). It’s one of the key elements in planning Solihull’s response to the climate emergency. The plan has also been developed to help maximise the benefits that can be achieved by reducing CO2 emissions. These include better air quality, improved natural environment, comfortable and warmer homes, cost savings, and new green jobs. 

Take a look at the key NZAP documents here.

Solihull Net Zero Action Plan (Full Report)

Solihull Net Zero Action Plan (Executive Summary)

You can also view the NZAP Green Paper and Green Paper Executive Summary for further information. These documents were shared with the public during the formative stage of the NZAP in 2021.