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Our climate change work

In west Norfolk we are committed to tackling climate change

Climate change work

In September 2021 we announced a climate change emergency with a robust climate change strategy and action plan in place. In addition to this motion, we’ve also brought our net zero target forward to 2035 from 2050 and we are committed to reviewing whether we could bring it forward further to 2030.

Climate change strategy and action plan

Our strategy and action plan was adopted in September 2021 and highlights our approach to tackling our emissions, as well as those from the district. We have committed to following a phased approach to this work, as set out in the document.

Phase 1 is focused on reducing our corporate emissions to meet our 2035 net zero target.

Phase 2 focuses on our role and scope of influence in helping to reduce emissions across the district. Phase 1 is largely the focus of this first strategy and action plan.

This strategy and action plan will be a live document and will be updated to reflect changes to council priorities, national legislation and guidance.

View our strategy and action plan

Corporate climate change policy

Our corporate climate change policy was adopted in October 2020.

This corporate policy guides our climate change work, providing a framework for other areas of council work. The policy works alongside the council's corporate priority ‘protecting and enhancing the environment including tackling climate change.’

Our policy highlights our approach to tackling climate change, through reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions and will embed a positive climate change culture within the council.

View our policy

Key work to date

In recent years we have taken many key steps forwards in our efforts to tackle climate change.

Below is a selection of key activities taken to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and put climate change at the heart of the work we do:

  • Solar panels have been installed onto the following council owned properties:
    • Lynnsport – 2012 & 2020
    • King’s Court – 2012
    • Alive Downham Market Leisure Centre – 2020
    • Alive St James – 2020
  • Re:fit of our buildings through Ameresco in 2019. This is expected to save approximately 400 tonnes of CO2 a year.
  • In 2021 we received a grant of £3.8 million through the public sector decarbonisation scheme to help decarbonise heat from our buildings. This included the installation of air and ground source heat pumps, improved insulation and more solar pv.
  • We will be using a green tariff for our electricity from the 2020/2021 financial year onwards.
  • A UEA graduate was initially appointed on a 12-month internship to help deliver climate change work. In September 2020, this was extended with a two-year fixed term post, which as of May 2021 is now a permanent post.
  • We developed and implemented a new carbon audit procedure, starting with our 2018/2019 audit.
  • A Norfolk county group called the Norfolk Climate Change Partnership (NCCP) was set up in January 2020 to work with other Norfolk councils on climate change issues.
  • We have provided support for upcoming art campaigns and events related to climate change.
  • We have promoted ways to reduce our residents carbon footprints through our website, and we have amended and expanded our website content to allow for transparency and to publish recent updates and documents.
  • Our new joint refuse collection contract with Breckland and North Norfolk District Council will further improve the efficiency of refuse collection in the district and reduce emissions. Additionally, this new contract includes new battery electric supervisor vehicles.