Residents' climate change toolkit

This guide aims to help individuals and households understand how they can take action to tackle climate change.

Emissions that cause climate change largely come from these four areas:

  • heating and powering our homes
  • how we get around – particularly car use
  • what we eat
  • the things we buy.

The guide breaks down particular actions or areas for consideration to tackle the emissions that cause climate change, adapt to the predicted changes and hopefully save some money along the way!

It provides tips and actions, as well as signposting to other resources or examples, locally and further afield.

There are lots of actions we can take but all the options can feel overwhelming! Pick a few to start with and go from there.

The guide will be updated periodically.

Why should we take action

Climate change, as a result of human activity, remains arguably the greatest threat to our world. Recent scientific studies have recently labelled it as a ‘Code Red for Humanity’.

Across the world, emissions of ‘greenhouse gases’ from human activity are causing climate change. This overall warming of the planet has huge and varied consequences in different locations. Globally this already leading to extreme weather events, drought, forest fires and more, and associated issues such as famine, increased disease and health issue.

Significant impacts are also expected locally in Basingstoke and Deane, particularly for the most vulnerable members of our community, through increased summer temperatures and more extreme weather events with increased peak rainfall.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has declared a Climate Emergency and is working to make the borough net zero carbon by 2030. As part of our work to do this, we are looking to inspire action among all our residents, as local and personal action is vital to reducing our emissions.

Tips and advice

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We'd love to hear from you

Do you have any other ideas that are currently missing from our toolkits? Or do you have any suggestions on how to make our toolkits easier to use? Perhaps you have some ideas on tackling climate change?

If so, get in touch, send a message to the Climate Change Team

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