Climate change

Actions to create a climate-friendly Argyll and Bute

“We all share one planet and rely on its resources to live our lives. We all have a duty therefore to look after it and to ensure that we leave it intact and sustainable for our younger and future generations.” – Council Leader, Councillor Robin Currie 

Climate friendly Argyll and Bute

The council is taking action in different ways, across all its services, to create a climate-friendly Argyll and Bute, so that we support the planet and the resources on which we all depend to live.

Here we provide an insight into actions we are taking to develop sustainable ways of working and living. 

Action, investment and commitment

Our sustainable development page provides more examples of action we are taking.

  • Our Decarbonisation Plan sets out actions we are working to deliver for climate friendly Argyll and Bute. Our approach is based on addressing six overall themes:
  • Waste
  • Energy and Water Consumption
  • Transport emissions from our commercial fleet like buses, bin lorries, vans and cars.
  • Preparing and adapting for impacts of climate change
  • Offsetting our emissions through partnership and innovation
  • Telling you about it and encouraging the community to do their bit #climatefriendlyABC

Update to the Decarbonisation Plan, including updated Action Plans, were approved in May 2023 and December 2022:

The Community Planning Partnership has developed a signposting page to community and partners efforts to tackle climate change

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Decarbonisation Plan 2022 V0.8
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