Basic information about all the councils in the database.

  • url - path to the page on this site for the council.
  • website_url - URL for the council’s website
  • gss_code - standard council identifier.
  • country - which of the UK home nations the council is located in.
  • authority_type - what type of body (Unitary, District etc) the council is.
  • plan_count - number of plans we have details for.
  • plans_last_update - the date of the most recent update to a plan (null if no plans)
  • carbon_reduction_commitment - True if the council has public commitments to reduce emissions
  • carbon_neutral_date - the earliest date for a carbon neutral target (null if no date)
  • carbon_neutral_commitments - link to list of commitments made by council
  • declared_emergency - date, if any, council declared a climate emergency


You can filter the list of councils using the following query parameters:

  • country - one of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales
  • authority_type - one of City of London, Combined Authority, County Council, London Borough, Metropolitan District, Non-Metropolitan District, Unitary Authority

Multiple values can be combined with commas.

GET /api/councils/EAS/
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "name": "Eastbourne Borough Council",
    "url": "/councils/eastbourne-borough-council/",
    "website_url": "",
    "gss_code": "E07000061",
    "country": "England",
    "authority_type": "Non-Metropolitan District",
    "authority_code": "EAS",
    "plan_count": 2,
    "plans_last_update": "2022-03-16",
    "carbon_reduction_commitment": true,
    "carbon_neutral_date": 2030,
    "carbon_reduction_statements": "",
    "declared_emergency": "2019-07-10"